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NET Support Products: Posters

NET Support Products: Posters

We have a range of posters to support Neuro Emotional Technique.

Posters are $70 AUD each plus postage.

TO PURCHASE: Please contact us via email ( with your poster requirements and address, and we will get a personalised shipping quote for you.

We do not sell digital copies of the posters, only physical printed copies.
The photos pictured are low resolution, for advertising purposes only. 
Actual posters are full resolution, high quality printing. 

Posters Available
NET Master Chart
NET Simplified Master Chart 
NET Meridian Correlation Chart
NET Meridian Body Points Chart
NET Visceral Manipulation Ref. Chart 
Home Run Formula Chart
Our Three Brains Chart 
Body/Mind Stress Dynamics Chart
Synchro Symmetrical Dysk. Chart 
S/P Meridian Enh. Positioning Chart 

Pediatric Master Chart (8.5" x 11”)  $25 AUD
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