• Mind Oriented Practitioners

    Stress can affect our mental well-being in many ways and addressing stress-related issues can help release unwanted symptoms and behaviors. Neuro Emotional Technique has specific adaptations for Mind-Oriented Practitioners.

  • Body Oriented Practitioners

    Stress can affect the physical body in many ways and addressing stress-related issues can help many acute and chronic problems. Neuro Emotional Technique has physical applications for Body-Oriented Practitioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn Neuro Emotional Technique?

You can learn NET by attending NET Basic - this is a 3 Day live training seminar. Once completed, you'll be able to use NET in your practice.

The NET material is streamlined for easy implementation and backed
with scientific research!

See our 'Seminars' tab for more information on our NET education pathways.

Can I buy and sell the NET Remedies?

Our NET Remedies are proudly 'Practitioner Only Products' which means qualified practitioners are able to dispense them to their patients.

Once you have completed an NET 'Basic Seminar', you will be able to create a practitioner account with us, and stock the products in your clinic.

Where can I find an NET Practitioner near me?

We have a Provider Map of Certified NET Practitioners around the world, found in the tab 'Provider Map'

How does NET work?

NET uses its foundations in Chinese Medicine, homoeopathy, kinesiology and chiropractic to address health and wellbeing as a triad of holistic elements that work together.

This holistic technique addresses physical and emotional imbalances via the meridian system and its effect on nerves and other parts of the body and uses homoeopathy to help integrate the treatment and to create long term positive changes in all aspects of health.

What can NET help with?

Neuro Emotional Technique was originally developed as a way of finding and correcting physical effects of emotional stress in the body; however, it has a dual effect of also reducing reactivity to emotional stressors in the environment. NET helps us respond to life’s challenges in a healthier way, thereby strengthening self regulation.

NET has a great track record with published scientific research validating how NET helps mind-body stress, as well as helps with biochemical issues, such as thyroid imbalances, reducing depression and relieving low back pain amongst other things.