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Seminar Types

NET Essentials

This 2.5 hour pre-recorded training includes:

  • Science & background dynamics of how NET works
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to do the 2-Minute NET procedure
  • Valuable tools and tips to implement NET in your practice

Following this training, we encourage you to join us at a live NET Basic seminar, where you’ll take your training to the next level with the 15-Steps of NET and plenty of hands-on workshop time.

NET Basic

3-day NET Basic:

On Day 1 practitioners will learn the simple 2-Minute NET Procedure with lectures, demonstrations and workshops and be able to immediately begin helping their patients!

On Day 2 practitioners will continue developing their skills and confidence with applications of NET, plus have an opportunity to experience NET with Certified NET Practitioners.

On Day 3 practitioners will learn the 15 Steps of NET, along with valuable tips to help them effectively use NET in their practice. The NET material is streamlined for easy implementation and backed with scientific research!

NET Success

NET SUCCESS is about ‘Healing the Healer’! It’s a unique experience where practitioners can ‘be the patient’ and receive the benefits of NET in a safe and supportive environment while perfecting their NET skills.

— NET Basic is the only prerequisite for this seminar.

NET SUCCESS consists of 3 different formats (taken in any order) with a focus on one of the following:

Currencies– Includes Money, Job, Finances, Career, Time, Energy, etc.

Relationships– Includes Family, Work, Social, Self, Giving/Receiving, etc.

Deeper You– Includes your many roles; Son/Daughter, Spouse, Parent, Professional, etc.

NET Advanced

Practitioners will learn advanced material to elevate their practice of NET, including working with Dreams, Facial Expressions and Significant Emotional Events. Extra highlights from the groundbreaking Thomas Jefferson University NET study will also be presented.

— NET Basic is the only prerequisite for this seminar.


Both mind- and body-oriented practitioners will learn valuable applications related to: The Home Run Formula, Stress conditions, NET Vitals, Diaphragm/Breathing, plus working with the Viscera, TMJ, Myofascia, Scars, the ‘Deeper You’ Mohawk and more!

— NET Basic is the only prerequisite for this seminar

NET Certification

Certification is one of our most empowering seminars — providing extensive background information and strengthening the practitioner’s skills and practice of NET. Practitioners report increased confidence and the ability to easily explain ‘NET with Certainty’ after completing the program. In addition, Certified Coaches are present during the seminar to provide individualized guidance for an enhanced learning experience.

— 1 NET Basic (3-day), 1 NET Advanced (live or online), and 1 SUCCESS are the prerequisites for Certification.


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