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NET Remedies® #4 WOOD

NET Remedies® #4 WOOD

NET Remedies #4 WOOD can help with many digestive problems, headaches and eye-related conditions.

NET Remedies #4 WOOD is correlated with the acupuncturist’s ‘green’ Wood Element. The organs / meridians associated with the Wood Element are the Liver and Gall Bladder

Direct physical indicators for this product are conditions associated with digestion of fat-type foods, digestive disturbances of overeating or drinking, eye or vision problems, chronic knee problems, nail conditions, and generalised muscle problems.

Also think of using NET Remedies #4 WOOD for shoulder problems, nausea at the sight or smell of food, fatigue, or any kind of headache.


  • Headaches or migraines
  • Intestinal gas disturbances
  • Gall bladder or liver problems
  • Depression
  • Facial pain or twitching muscles
  • Tired low back
  • Colic
  • Aggressive or angry behavior
  • General muscle fatigue
  • Bloating due to overeating
  • Jaw problems or grinding of teeth

The #4 Wood formula corresponds with gall bladder and liver-related conditions, as well as the family of emotions related to resentment and anger. Other physical indicators for this remedy are associated with the eyes, tears, vision, nails and generalized muscle problems, as well as shoulder, knee and digestive problems. Additionally, NET Remedies® #4 Wood can offer relief for the symptoms of: aggressive and angry behavior, alcohol abuse, bitter taste in mouth, colic, depression, digestive disturbance, distended abdomen, dry skin, eczema, eye problems, fatigue, facial pain, twitching muscles, finger nail problems, gallstone, grinding of teeth, headaches and migraines, jaundiced skin, jaw problems, menses late or profuse, nausea on sight or smell of food, overeating, sensitivity to light, skin rash, sweaty hands and vaginal soreness or burning.

NET Remedies™ safely activate the body's natural ability to heal using the scientific principle of 'like-cures-like'.

All of the NET Remedies products are:

  • free of alcohol, gluten, sodium, sugar and yeast
  • compatible with vitamins, herbs and medicines (including prescription drugs)
  • safe for all ages — including babies, the elderly and pregnant & nursing mothers

Dr. Scott Walker developed the NET Remedies homeopathic formulas to specifically support the NET process, as well as help many other mind and body conditions.

Important: Although an active ingredient is listed on the label, it is never present in its full-strength form. While the full-strength version of some of the ingredients might be undesirable, the diluted homeopathic version will activate the body's healing response to safely eliminate related toxins.

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